Me as Learner

Before becoming a Primary School Teacher, I was a musician. I was accepted to study at the Conservatorium of Music on scholarship when I was 16. So, Im not the most practical person! I quite enjoy reading research, analysing primary maths programs and evaluating programs. I am not someone who can easily use my hands to do anything!

My husband recently bought a sewing machine for me to use. Needless to say, I have not touched it. It remains, as it was given me, tightly secured inside a box in the storage room of my house. I am not a sewer. If buttons need re-attaching or hems need doing, my darling husband attends to these deeds! 

But, I feel it is time. I’m sure my big, brave, cop of a husband would greatly appreciate it if his wife were behind the sewing machine when his mates arrive, and not him!

Through NGL I hope to learn to use this piece of machinery to produce a costume or two for my boys.

I feel this task is suited to learning via NGL as there are so many online tools for teaching how to sew. YouTube has many channels dedicated to the craft of sewing. And I have found quite a few that will show me everything from how to turn it on, threading the thing, and pattern using (as you can see the metalanguage is still quite new to me!). Additionally, there are forums where lots of sewers congregate, collaborate and instruct each other. They share patterns online, share tips and sell their produce to non-sewers like me. I hope to join this community of learners and experts! 

Some of the barriers however, I feel are quite huge. I will be a student with little cultural capital to draw on to allow me the vocabulary or means to communicate without looking like a fool. Missing those “bottom rungs” will be quite a challenge!!! Another barrier I feel could inhibit me quite a bit, is the quality of my machinery. I assume people in these collaborative communities are quite passionate about their craft, so will have machines that are quite fancy. Mine was very cheap. Very very cheap. We’ll see! Another barrier is time. As a mum of three little ones, a worker and a wife to a shift worker, along with my two uni courses this semester, I am feeling a tad overloaded. 

However, for me, learning is about having an idea, that idea being challenged, me reforming that idea, and repeat, repeat, repeat. I feel that whilst this is a huge learning curve for me, and I am starting VERY low on the ladder of knowledge,  the processes involved will certainly be worthwhile (even if at the end of this I can only sew a hem!)


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