Ah ha!: as a student


Finally! A light bulb moment! It’s taken a while to get a hold of all the various apps and tools in this course. 

David Jones made a comment on my blog about how perhaps the purpose of NGL is less about me knowing the “content” well enough to make a blog post about it, as it is about knowing where to find the knowledge, the knowledge connections and networks. He quoted Siemens (2006):


“Know where” is replacing “know what” and “know how”. The rapid, continual knowledge flow cannot be contained and held in the human mind. To survive, we extend ourselves through our networks: computers, humans, databases, and still unfolding new tools. (p. 93)

I see now 🙂 

As a student in this course, I’ve spent countless hours pouring over articles trying to grasp the “content” of NGL rather than engaging in NGL, which will teach me SO much more through immersion in it. 

Perhaps I need to get over my longing to “have it all together before I post” and just post ideas, observations and summaries of articles, that in community we can address together?



4 thoughts on “Ah ha!: as a student

  1. Hi Aleisha,

    I can totally relate, as I think your comment about “having it all together” is something we have been taught to do in the past where this subject is about actually “doing” rather than “knowing.” When I began seeing this I, like you, realised that this approach makes for the most relevant learning, particularly as this is where all learning is heading. It is definitely a paradigm shift but is real-world.

    Great title, I immediately became engaged with your blog. 🙂



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