Sewing Community!

So, it’s been a while. I’m sorry. I have been busy “engaging” with a group of people I never really thought I’d find myself engaging with. 


Threddit. Part of Reddit. 

At first this group of sewers were overwhelming. They talked a different language. Liked different things. Found huge interest and fulfilment in things I never knew even existed! 


But I have learnt so much. 

As a ‘learner’, I have found this engagement overwhelming. I think it’s because I don’t have the passion that these avid sewers possess. They are highly motivated, hugely invested (both time and money), and particularly passionate about all things sewing. I, unfortunately lack all these three things. My motivation at the moment, is to one day hem some of my son’s pants before he outgrows it. I work nearly full time at the moment, and have three little boys between 5-2 years old. Between these two things, plus two uni subjects, I feel I have nearly no time at all to learn this new skill. I also learnt through the forum that my machine “is simply just not quality enough to produce good things”…hmmm, that was a dampener. 

So, in summary, things learnt: 

My machine is crap

I have no passion to learn how to sew

No time to learn how to do it properly

I need to have my online dictionary ready to understand any comments they make. 


Some positive things I have learnt, is that lots of people find sewing hard. One lovely person linked to this article stating 10 things they wish they knew when they started sewing. This was encouraging. Learning is not something that happens immediately just because you decide you want to do it. It’s a struggle. It takes time and perseverance. 

So, back to it I go. 




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