“Content Delivery in the Blogosphere”

This article contains some helpful information I may use when writing up my proposal. It is written in a simple way with subheadings, and eliminates a whole lot of jargon others (including myself!) may not always understand. 

Next year sees me teaching a different year level. I am thinking of putting forward this proposal as our school looks to start integrating technology in our classrooms. I really feel that blogging is an excellent way forward for us and I’m hoping I can put together a robust proposal for our executive. I realise that this literature regarding blogging is a tad old, however, I believe it may form a good basis for further work.

It outlines the Pedagogy behind blogs, and contains practical suggestions for implementing blogs such as:

Consider blogging yourself

Spend time visiting other classroom blogs

Model blogging for your students

Make the blogs more public

Explain the reach of blogs to students

It also provides four benefits of blogging for students:

The use of blogs helps students become subject matter experts

The use of blogs increases student’s interest and ownership in learning

The use of blogs gives students legitimate chances to participate

The use of blogs provides opportunities for diverse perspectives, both within and outside the classroom. 


As I find more (I know there are a plethora of articles!), I’ll post summaries so I can readily find them again 🙂




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