Sewing as a learner

I realise that I haven’t posted much about how my learning to sew using NGL is going.

I suppose this is for a few reasons. The first being guilt. Though I have joined a little online sewing club, and watched copious videos on YouTube, I still feel a little out of my depth.

She’s so lovely! She talks so sweetly, she’s so calm, controlled, and happy. I tried to follow along and after much yelling, cursing and a bit of blood, finally managed to thread my machine.

I have to re-watch this video each time I want to re-thread my machine. Each time, I go through the same painful process.

I’m not a practical person. Anything practical takes sooooo long for me to master, actually, I have never mastered anything practical. I am my father’s daughter. I could read a book about sewing super fast and remember every page, but ask me to do  what that book suggests, is another thing altogether.

But one thing I have learnt, is that it’s not about the end goal, but the process which ensues.

I have also changed my goal to something more attainable.

Here is what I’m making at the moment…

I like this girl better, she’s a little more real and explains everything a little more interestingly! I also like the fact this skirt only takes five minutes. I’m engaged!

Will show some photos tomorrow.


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