NGL and my DBR initial ideas

So, for my course in NGL, I need to develop a theory-informed plan for using NGL to transform your teaching practice. To do this I will develop a design-based research (DBR) proposal (essay) that draws on the NGL literature to design and plan a proposed intervention.

I really wanted this DBR to be useful in my context at work, striving for implementation. So, after meeting with my boss, I have come up with this:

Initial thoughts:

Research problem:
Students in year 5 increasingly disengaged from traditional writing. They currently have no way to engage in reflective practice of their learning, nor do they engage in meaningful conversations in which they can construct knowledge. With the implementation of the National Curriculum, students are required to engage with each other in collaboration and make meaning of multimodal texts. This DBR will assess the extent NGL in the way of a class blog and twitter feed will allow students to make use of NGL to further engage them in writing of multimodal texts and encourage collaborative learning.

More info regarding blogging and twitter feed:
Some benefits of this intervention:

1. Enable greater engagement of parents in the classroom in a way that is accessible for working parents.
2. Increase engagement in writing.
3. Allow opportunities for students to develop ideas collaboratively and develop critical thinking skills.
4. Allow students more opportunities to engage in authentic tasks
5. Allow students to develop multimodal literacies
6. Opportunities for students to engage in reflective practice.
7. Teach students about digital citizenship in an authentic learning environment.

The planned intervention would allow for the meeting of the following National Curriculum outcomes:

Acela 1504

Potential issues with intervention:
Security of students:
Students to write blog post and email it to teacher to proof read before submitting it online. Teach to ensure student has not used names, locations or other identifying features in writing.
Security of blog:
Teacher only to have access to blog, logging student in on secure device for the submitting of writing.
Teacher to engage with head of ICT and IT department to ensure secure practices, including regular password changing.

Would LOVE some feedback on my initial ideas!


2 thoughts on “NGL and my DBR initial ideas

  1. Hi, Leisha with my initial look I am wondering about point 2 of the assignment requirements;

    A description of the research questions.
    What question(s) are would you like to answer through implementing and evaluating your planned application of NGL.

    Otherwise I think it looks interesting. It would be great if you could partner up with another school and have a couple year 5 classes using NGL principles to collaborate or similarly say partner up with a high school and run some type of mentoring program where those students could help the year 5 students.

    Just a thought.



    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you so much for your feedback!!! I really, really appreciate it!
      Great ideas about using Ngl principles more widely than the class. That is definitely something that needs to be considered.
      Thanks again!
      I have really valued your work!


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